A Pen In My Pocket Helped Save A Life

My Experience Sponsoring a Child with Compassion International

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Before we left the house, I felt like I needed to bring a pen.

I didn’t know why.

At the time.

I just knew I needed to bring it.

Normally, I don’t bring a pen to a concert. Who does that? Really? My family and I were almost on our way out the door to see Hillsong UNITED in Tampa, Florida. Little did I know that this trip would actually result in hearing God’s voice more clearly than I have in quite some time. That’s the honest truth.

Have you ever gone through a dry season where the Lord’s voice seems silent or distant? I have been in that very season. It’s not easy. It’s not fun. I do believe I am coming out of it into a new season of refreshing, but I think that’s only because I said “yes” to what He was asking me to do. If you haven’t heard God’s voice in a long time, think back to the last thing He asked you to do.

Did you do it?

If not, maybe He’s waiting for you to do what He’s already asked you to do once before.

I forgot my pen was in my pocket as we approached security. We passed through without any hiccups [it’s a metal pen]. Not long after the concert started, Hillsong began to talk about Compassion International. I’ve been to other concerts and events where they share Compassion’s mission, but never really gave it much thought beyond how sad it was to see kids anywhere struggling. I knew I needed to pray, and it broke my heart, but I never took the step to fully invest into sponsoring a child. I never sacrificed much of anything to do it.

But at this Hillsong United concert, the Holy Spirit took hold of my heart. Something in me shifted and I knew I needed to do something.

Volunteers began walking down the aisles, but I didn’t immediately raise my hand indicating I wanted one of the packets for a child in need. Honestly, I wrestled with God about it. It wasn’t that I was against what God was saying to me. I wondered what others might think. I learned over and whispered to my wife, sharing with her that I thought God was telling us to sponsor a child. She didn’t hesitate. She smiled and flagged down one of the workers. And I got a packet!

This is when God did something that boosted my faith.

Have you ever had a moment where God did something so out of the ordinary that your faith was strengthened immediately? This was that moment for me.

I took the Compassion International packet, opened it, and realized I needed something to write with to fill out the form.

But God had already been preparing me for THIS MOMENT with the pen I had in my pocket!

The pen I knew I needed to bring but didn’t understand why I needed it.

The pen that somehow didn’t get flagged at security.

This was the “God moment” for me!

Today, my wife and I sponsor a child in Tanzania who is the same age as our oldest son, Oliver. My experience sponsoring a child with Compassion International is amazing, because it allows me to be the hands and feet of Jesus to a little boy thousands of miles away.

I felt the peace of God overwhelm me as I filled out the card. As I filled out all the information, James 1:27 came to mind:

“Religion that is pure and undefiled before God the Father is this: to visit orphans and widows in their affliction, and to keep oneself unstained from the world.”

I might not be able to physically go to Tanzania right now, but through my giving I can visit my sponsored child by providing for his basic needs.

And according to 2 Corinthians 9:7, God loves a cheerful giver:

“Each one must give as he has decided in his heart, not reluctantly or under compulsion, for God loves a cheerful giver.”

I wasn’t reluctant to help a child or under compulsion when I made the decision in my heart to give monthly to sponsor a child. Giving is an act of worship and by doing so this experience has shown me it was a way to honor and glorify God. We worshiped God that night through praise, but we also worshipped that night through our giving to sponsor a child!

Do you feel like God is speaking to you about sponsoring a child in need? You can become a sponsor today! The moment I said yes to sponsoring a child, God has given me such peace and fulfillment. That’s what happens when we obey His Word. We honor God by obeying God!

Have you already sponsored a child? What was your experience like? Comment below!

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