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Self-publishing no longer has the stigma of being second class

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This article first appeared on my blog here.

I have been a writer since I was twelve. I wrote several books for a vanity publisher while in high school and my first few years in college. I worked with a literary agent a few years ago only to end up empty-handed with no book deal. So, without any other choice, I self-published my latest book, Redeem the Story, earlier this year. And I will do it again in the future!

Self-publishing once had a stigma to it that made writers cringe. It was a last resort sort of thing. …

I’ll say it again and as many times as needed: God loves diversity

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Our country is in trouble if things don’t begin to change. As a pastor I believe Christians need to be more vocal about injustice than anyone else. God’s people must be the voice for change. Silence is warranted sometimes and other times it speaks louder than we might realize. No more silence. Our culture is on a path of great pain. Some thoughts:

Why should Christians be more vocal about injustice than anyone else? The Church should be the place the world looks to for wisdom, to…

Part 1 — What inspired me to write it

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I remember it like it was yesterday.

My wife and I were in the kitchen standing next to the counter. The kitchen, for us, is the place where many of our deepest, personal, and life-changing conversations tend to happen. And it’s usually with a cup of coffee in hand.

On this particular day, we were talking about some of the things we were seeing in the youth group where I serve as the youth pastor. We were talking about how some of the students were coming forward to get saved weekly and the need for salvation, but not weekly.


Become that productively consistent person you’ve always wanted to be.

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I’m a writer who struggles with procrastination.

There I said.

I admitted it.

Now that it’s out in the open I’m declaring that from this moment on I’m going to be more productive. Not just with writing — but in everything.

Chances are if you are a writer who struggles with procrastination, like me, you likely wrestle with it in other areas too. The first step toward being more productive is admitting you’re a procrastinator.

Go ahead. Yell it. Scream it. Write it out.

Get it off your chest.

Now let’s move on.

It’s time to take a stand against…

My Experience Sponsoring a Child with Compassion International

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Before we left the house, I felt like I needed to bring a pen.

I didn’t know why.

At the time.

I just knew I needed to bring it.

Normally, I don’t bring a pen to a concert. Who does that? Really? My family and I were almost on our way out the door to see Hillsong UNITED in Tampa, Florida. Little did I know that this trip would actually result in hearing God’s voice more clearly than I have in quite some time. That’s the honest truth.

Have you ever gone…

Grace lived out is better than grace talked about.

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One kid was easy. Really easy. But then the second kid came along, and everything changed. Maybe you can relate. Maybe you have one kid or more than one. Either way, parenting is hard but thank God for grace.

2018 was a year of change for my wife and me. We welcomed our second boy, Hudson, into the world. Being a dad is hard but being a dad who desires to raise godly children in an ungodly world is harder. Why? Because my flesh wants to get irritated, annoyed and selfish…

Don’t give up. Press on.

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“Did you know that 96% of authors seeking agents are rejected? Flip it around, and it can be said that only 4% of them land an agent. Peruse through Writer’s Market and you’ll see that right alongside an agent’s address is their acceptance rate.” — The HuffPost.com

Now that number may not be true for all literary agents it does, however; give you an idea of how tough it can be to get an agent.

I was signed with a literary agent for my latest book, Redeem the Story. But before signing with my agent at the time every literary…

The best is yet to come.

Class of 2020,

We are proud of you!

I know the last few months have been anything but “ fun.” I know many of you probably feel robbed, because COVID-19 stole from you some of the best weeks of your high school years.

I get it, but I’m not saying I can completely relate. As I’m not a high school senior anymore. None of us have had to navigate through a pandemic. But I do want you to know the frustration and anger you feel, we all get it. Our lives have been forever…

The other day at church I had the opportunity to preach on why we should be investing in the Word of God. You can watch that message here. As I prepared this message this thought crossed my mind: How many parents talk about the bible in front of their kids but are rarely seen reading it in front of them? In light of that, I want to give you three reasons why your kids should see you reading your bible.

1 — It shows them the importance of investing in the Word

Our kids tend to imitate what we deem as important. Skip church regularly? Your kids might grow up with the…

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